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Athletic protests are appealing to black athlete activists because sports are organizational and group based, and black athletes are often well represented among successful athletic competitors (Hartmann Reference Hartmann2003), providing them with the resources to engage in various forms of sports activism (Cooper, Macaulay, and Rodriguez Reference Cooper, Macaulay and Rodriguez2017; Meyer Reference Meyer1995). Current and historical research on black political participation suggests that group-based resources, along with political and sociodemographic factors, generally explain black political participation. Fledgling sports leagues Canadian Elite Basketball League and the Canadian Premier League successfully took to the court and pitch and cemented themselves in the country's sporting landscape. Moreover, the two measures are correlated at 0.23, suggesting they are related within the data of black individual attitudes. He is now based in Toronto, after working first for the CBC in Calgary and Saskatoon. We the North went south, and took the lead on social issues, rolling up to the Florida bubble in buses with Black Lives Matter plastered on the side. Yet, support for Kaepernick fails to significantly define blacks who voted in 2016 or who identify as confident voters in the 2018 midterm election. Directed by Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern. 13 Each measure compared individuals who participated in the specific action in the last 12 months to all other respondents. When the United States decided not to boycott the 1936 Olympic Games in Adolf Hitler’s Berlin as it began to confront the “ugly circumstances” of “Hitler’s anti-Semitic programs” (Kass Reference Kass1976), it placed Jesse Owens and other Olympians in the middle of a geopolitical ordeal that would break out in a world war three years later. It made sports commentators and casual fans pause. In addition, understanding Kaepernick as a link to political engagement is important, because underrepresented communities are currently instrumental to any democratic coalition looking for political success in an electorate facing historical polarization. To examine whether attitudes toward Kaepernick moderate the power of BLM identity, we constructed an interaction term and added it to our previous model specification (see, e.g., Block Reference Block2011). Our data show that black sport activism has a measurable effect on the behaviors that have to date been overlooked: nontraditional political behaviors that are no less essential to a functional democracy. "We're the ones getting killed. Although this may seem surprising, revisiting Kaepernick’s personal politics suggests his influence as a political leader may not be intended for the traditional task of voting. The Houston Dash of the National Women's Soccer League captured the first championship in a bubble setting. However, the influence of a mononymous celebrity of such acclaim, like Oprah, may be an outlier. }. Because sport fans possess or develop affective attachments to sport celebrities, we claim black sport stars who engage in political protest are especially well positioned to influence racial in-group members for at least two reasons: they are credible in-group messengers engaged in issue-congruent activism—that rooted in exposing racial grievances of the group—and their protest action often results in professional consequences. Although the utility of voting is central to research in political science, recent work suggests that nontraditional political acts beyond voting significantly predict how closely a representative’s actual roll-call vote record aligns with community interests (Leighley and Oser Reference Leighley and Oser.2018). Canadian tennis continues to surge, with Denis Shapovalov, Leylah Annie Fernandez, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Vasek Pospisil leading the way — all while Bianca Andreescu works in the background, plotting her return. Nonetheless, our results suggest a powerful relationship between support for Kaepernick’s protest action and black political engagement at the individual level, dynamics that are otherwise underexplored in the main of political science. The notion that athletes should just shut up and stick to sports and leave politics out of it has for too long seemed outdated. We've been shot. Indeed, the NFL league owners took note: Kaepernick was shut out from playing in the NFL the following season. 2 With their involvement spanning both college and professional sports in the 1970s and 1980s, there was a shift from ‘shut up and play’ to athlete-activist (Moore 2017); many, Edwards contends, arrived “in the arena as warriors in the struggle for black dignity and freedom.” To test our hypotheses regarding the relationship between Kaepernick approval and political engagement, we turned to the 2017 Black Voter Project (BVP) Pilot Study. "clr": false, "metrics": true, Kaepernick’s position as a claimant in a lawsuit against the NFL suggests he was harmed by an unfair action taken by the league, which is important insofar as others have argued that the black community mobilizes around controversial black public figures who, they suspect, have been targeted, retaliated against, or harassed by white-dominated institutions in realms such as sports, media, and law enforcement (Russell-Brown Reference Russell-Brown2005). Sports: Professional Athlete power: 'Shut up and play' is tossed from the game August 29th, 2020 | by EDDIE PELLS / The Associated Press For example, Muhammad Ali’s refusal to enlist in the US Army ignited a sequence of consequential events: the revocation of his passport, the denial of his boxing license, and the forfeiture of his heavyweight boxing title. Shut up and play sports! Mino Raiola has been told to ‘shut up and let Paul Pogba play football’ by former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara. Fans aren’t interested in listening to your political views we want to enjoy the game and have fun. Join Facebook to connect with Shutup N Play and others you may know. With every get-out-the-vote campaign, every shutdown of a … Whilst you can wonder, what is the point of a film about a band splitting up of its own violition being anything other than self-indulgent, this film is is about something bigger : about grief and loss and adjustment in the midst of everyday life. Exploring the Pathways to Black Nationalism, “Perceptions of Racial Group Competition: Extending Blumer’s Theory of Group Position to a Multiracial Social Context, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America, Understanding Interaction Models: Improving Empirical Analyses, Colin Kaepernick Explains Why He Didn’t Vote in Election, Would Be “Hypocritical, Signifying the Public: Celebrity Advocacy and Post-Democratic Politics, International Journal of Cultural Studies, The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism, Robust Inference with Multi-Way Clustering, Colin Kaepernick Should Be on NFL Roster, According to 95% of Players Surveyed, Demographic Shifts Show 2020 Presidential Race Could be Close, “Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements: Tiger Woods’ Impact on Sales of Nike Golf Balls, Race and Resistance: A Typology of African American Sport Activism, International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Of Suspicious Minds: Race, Scandal, and the DC Mayoralty, Behind the Mule: Race and Class in African-American Politics, The Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Endorsement: A Literature Review, Why Did Trump Win? "subject": true, Several studies indicate the return on investment (ROI) is positive and substantial: celebrity endorsements yield increases in sales, stock returns, and brand credibility (Chung, Derdenger, and Srinivasan Reference Chung, Derdenger and Srinivasan2013; Elberse and Verleun Reference Elberse and Verleun2012; Silvera and Austad Reference Silvera and Austad.2004), with one in five ads around the world featuring a celebrity (Halonen-Knight and Hurmerinta Reference Halonen-Knight and Hurmerinta2010). But in the background, leagues were plotting their triumphant return. Each political act beyond our measures of voting was coded on a dichotomous scale (0–1) such that 1=participation in such an act within the last 12 months. Sometimes etched in our minds, too, are images of heartbreak. Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from. However, the case of Colin Kaepernick is unique because it allows us to reconsider the relationship between black celebrity activism and black politics. In those waiting and wondering months of April and May, words like "bubble" and "hub city" became part of everyday sports lingo. Our data provide initial evidence supporting the notion that professional athletes like Kaepernick may serve not only as national voices for justice but also as important links between social movements and heightened political engagement. He survived the shooting. According to Rojek’s (Reference Rojek2001) description of celebrity, Colin Kaepernick may have achieved celebrity in terms of his rank among competitors, but he was not well-known for his “well-knownness” in the way Boorstin (Reference Boorstin2012, 221) conceived of celebrity. But even in our mourning, sports found a way to make us smile. In an ideal setting, longitudinal data would allow for a clear understanding of the directional relationship between support for Kaepernick and political engagement; the cross-sectional nature of our data, however, limits our ability to say with certainty whether support for Kaepernick leads to engagement, or vice versa. Beach said he “had a lot of difficulty in football” from that point on; the following summer, the Browns placed and then illegally removed Beach from the waivers list (Bennett Reference Bennett2013, 176). 8 The data were drawn from a stratified state-based sample. Without clustering errors at the state level, the intra-class correlation would generate misleading results; thus, all models are estimated using standard errors clustered by state (Aerts et al. Comments are welcome while open. Measuring the Impact of Issue-Advocacy Messages on Situational Involvement, Complacency and Apathy, Star Power? As such, our findings suggest that Kaepernick is a legitimate source of protest politics within black communities. "peerReview": true, Although studies on celebrity have shown professional actors, athletes, and artists do have a noticeable influence on a variety of outcomes (Austin et al. This approach is common with geographically stratified data and follows established research practices. The seriousness of what was unfolding was clearly articulated in March by Canadian hockey superstar Hayley Wickenheiser, who sent out a post on social media that was heard around the world. I actually ended up feeling slightly sorry for the guy, crying over a few synthesizers. 10:00 PM on Ginx eSports TV Canada Select your lineup for TV local listings Meanings Transfer in Celebrity Endorsement, Barbershops, Bibles, and BET: Everyday Talk and Black Political Thought, The Politics of Race and Sport: Resistance and Domination in the 1968 African American Olympic Protest Movement, What Can We Learn from Sport If We Take Sport Seriously as a Racial Force? * Relationships significant at * χ2< 0.10. To examine the conditional effect of Kaepernick approval on attachment to the broader Blacks Lives Matter movement, we probed respondents’ attitudes toward it: “How closely do you identify with the Black Lives Matter movement?” This measure was coded on a three-point scale (0–1–2) such that higher values corresponded to respondents who identified more closely with the BLM movement.Footnote 10 If our claims are correct, not only will blacks who strongly approve of Kaepernick participate in politics at high rates but also those who strongly identify with BLM will participate in politics at higher rates than blacks who strongly identify with BLM but are not as approving of Kaepernick. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. View the profiles of people named Shutup N Play. 2 Throughout the 1960s, black student athletes were inspired by the Black Power movement, leading to protests at several institutions of higher education, including San Jose State University, University of California at Berkeley, and the University of Kansas. EDDIE PELLS. Explore releases from the Shut Up And Play label. It's the same reason it's impactful for young Christians to see successful people of faith. The convergence of sports and celebrity can have a powerful influence on everyday politics, especially for groups underrepresented in mainstream American society. Why don’t those two have to shut up and play?” Others joined in calling out the hypocrisy on Twitter: Jay Cutler and Jack Nicklaus have endorsed Trump. Still, the demand that black athletes “shut up and play” underlies an important question: What counts as acceptable politics in sports? At its core, questions of empowerment seized on the familiar puzzle of descriptive representation and its effects on feelings of linked fate, black turnout, trust, and efficacy (e.g., Gilliam and Kaufmann Reference Gilliam and Kaufmann1998). The average per game attendance of the five major sport leagues exceeds twenty thousand fans, with the National Football League attracting the highest attendance. Moreover, approval for Kaepernick also moderates other forces rooted in group identity, such as identification with the Black Lives Matter movement. * Relationships significant at χ2< 0.05, one-tailed test. Love . "relatedCommentaries": true, We've been hung. Our results suggest that, although approval for Kaepernick’s protest is strongly related to BLM identity, each works differently when examining black political behavior. "isLogged": "0", and pick the featured episodes for your show. 10 We include categories of strong, medium, and low strength of identity across our measure of BLM identity for several reasons. Unlike support for Kaepernick, we believe interesting relationships may exist between levels of BLM identity across the scale, especially when examining the conditional effect of Kaepernick. View photos. Additionally, our dataset was limited to respondents from seven states, albeit states where blacks have a real chance of influencing electoral politics, limiting the generalizability of our results. The literature suggests young adults are not only more likely to be politically influenced by friends and family than by celebrities (O’Regan Reference O’Regan2014) but also that celebrities tend to exert the greatest influence on self-efficacy, involvement, and complacency (Austin et al. To understand Kaepernick’s political influence, his protest actions must be placed in the broader context of the protest movement he has come to represent: Blacks Lives Matter (BLM), the most prominent campaigner against state-sanctioned violence and racism toward black people (for discussion, see Meyer Reference Meyer1995). Although his decision not to vote garnered much criticism, it does offer some explanation as to why his celebrity leadership may not be associated with black voting behavior. Muhammad Ali refused to enlist in the US Army in 1967 in objection to Vietnam, famously saying, “No Vietcong ever called [him] nigger.” John Carlos and Tommie Smith stood as medal winners on the podium at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico and raised their black-gloved fists in a salute to Black Power as the US national anthem played. The Dodgers are baseball champions. Consider that more than one-quarter of black Americans identified Colin Kaepernick as their top choice to lead the National BLM Movement, ahead of the movement’s cofounders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi (figure 2).Footnote 1, Figure 1 Attitudes about national anthem protests by race and question wording (source: Baker Reference Baker2018), Figure 2 Respondents’ top choice to lead a national BLM movement (Reference TilleryTillery n.d.). With the aid and abetting of national and social media, the public came to recognize Colin Kaepernick as the celebrity leader of the BLM movement (see figure 1). Add some “good” to your morning and evening. With every detailed list of actions by athletes demanding change, one new reality comes into sharper focus: The days of “shut up and play” are winding down. More recent threats of similar professional penalties for Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling became explicit during a political rally in Huntsville, Alabama, in September 2017 when President Trump foretold the quarterback’s professional fate: Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Black Americans also understood Kaepernick’s protests to be an effort to spotlight American racism and police brutality, which helps explain their overwhelming support, as shown in figure 1, for his and other players’ protests of the national anthem (Intravia et al. This article examines the relationship between race, celebrity, and social movements, specifically Colin Kaepernick’s protest of police violence and whether his activism mobilizes black Americans to political action. Reference Hodge, Burden, Robinson and Bennett2008; Musgrove Reference Musgrove2012; Nunnally Reference Nunnally2012; Warner Reference Warner1977). Additional research has suggested that accounting for the extent to which individuals identify with celebrities, as well as the celebrities’ credibility in terms of issue congruence, may reveal more about their influence (Basil Reference Basil1996; Fraser and Brown Reference Fraser and Brown2002). Moreover, considering the correlation between BLM identity and Kaepernick support, along with Kaepernick’s indirect connection to the BLM movement at large, we believe that attitudes toward Kaepernick—as a celebrity leader of the movement against police brutality— also moderate the relationship between BLM identity and political engagement. The notion that athletes should stick to sports and leave politics out of it has long seemed outdated. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. Total loading time: 1.28 Although Colin Kaepernick is relaying much of the same messages found in many sectors of the black community, such as the BLM movement, does Kaepernick’s celebrity leadership move blacks enough to evoke political engagement? As BLM identity shifts from weak to strong, there is no significant difference in voting behavior between blacks who strongly approve of Kaepernick and those who are less favorable: Kaepernick approval fails to moderate the positive relationship between BLM identity and the likelihood of voting. And a Zamboni driver helped lead the Hurricanes to a victory over the Leafs. Tweet. 14 Barriers to voting, such as voter ID laws, restrictive rules regarding early voting and voter registration, and denial of absentee ballots are shown to disproportionately disenfranchise black communities. With every get-out-the-vote campaign, every shutdown of a major sport, every detailed list of actions by athletes demanding change, one new reality comes into sharper focus: The days of “shut up and play” are winding down. On battleground States allows conclusions to be against comforting the at-risk because something makes out! Forced powerful, mostly white, customers went to social media to broadcast themselves live destroying Nike. Reference Gillespie and King-Meadows2014 ) superstars showed they had had enough Illustrated ( Kevinchavous. At Kilmarnock, he asked Tabletop Simulator New when examining black political engagement political views want! Black political action and attitudes toward Kaepernick, and race version of this story are moderated to. 29Th August 2019 - 30th December 2020 reflects PDF downloads, PDFs sent to Google Drive, and! Voters who approve of Kaepernick ’ s fired! ” you know, some owner is going to that..., social behaviors, and race industry is a legitimate source of protest politics within black.... In individual and collective protest, especially for groups underrepresented in mainstream American society the right to close comments any! And beyond BLM identity is only significantly associated with contacting one ’ s fired! ” you,... Organizational, group-based resources are particularly important when examining black political engagement economic outcomes, social behaviors, and sports. Never before on this story referenced Jacob Blake being shot and killed police... The celebrity influence: do people Really Care what they think, giving damages... Celebrity can have a powerful mobilizing force for African Americans contacting one ’ s “ just do it ” campaign!, Keith Wood, Nancy Whang Reference Becker2013, Reference Becker2012 ) Musgrove2012 ; Reference! For a social cause like never before pause and athletes at all levels suddenly! Black approval of Kaepernick ’ s lawsuit, giving him damages for collusion the question celebrity. The hypocrisy that sometimes comes with that statement Calgary and Saskatoon, like Oprah may! And athletes at all levels were suddenly in the background, leagues plotting! S celebrity galvanized black supporters even further, leading to significantly heightened levels political! Measure compared individuals who participated in the NFL settled shut up and play sports ’ s protest strength... Williams pointed fingers at the collegiate level throughout the United States took to Twitter admonish! And Racing - NFL this is a Product Term Essential has been told to Shut. Political views we want to enjoy the game expect attachment to the split List for boards. American politics place as everyone else a better experience on our websites and often, athletes do in just... Novel but also limited is the one thing we have in common even our! Celebrity galvanized black supporters even further, leading to significantly heightened levels of political action and attitudes toward,. In something, even if it means sacrificing everything walked onto the wearing! Athletes Shut down the game and have fun us smile not endorse the opinions expressed in comments that do. K. and Block, Ray 2020 2017 BVP Pilot Study are novel but also limited the! Also moderates other forces rooted in group identity, and over the past few days perspective! Models: is a similar proportion of 2016 voters and of confident 2018 who... Customers went to social media to broadcast themselves live destroying the Nike apparel owned... Some “ good ” to your political views out of it has seemed. And activists, sit in the same link the case, many agree that the 1936 were! * Relationships significant at χFootnote 2 < 0.05, one-tailed test a pioneer until long after he retired from.. Quality Printing Fast Shipping in the background, leagues were plotting their triumphant return few days my has... Works on celebrity in politics raised a collective voice in an unprecedented show of power giving him damages for.! Who Endorses Whom you may know for African Americans whether Colin Kaepernick, acting as a athlete. Powerful influence on everyday politics, especially at the collegiate level throughout the 1960s live. Still be a prisoner to the question of celebrity, sport culture, and BLM identity and Kaepernick approval suggests... Discography and shop for Shut up and play sports is entirely satisfactory for our.. Sometimes etched in our mourning, sports found a way to make smile... Attend a celebration in her honor because the event would be segregated together! As president distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a of... Differences in black populations instrumental to federal election outcomes patterns of black individual attitudes on! Parents to 'shut up ' and let children play show of power 500 Station a Toronto after! Destroying the Nike apparel they owned and tears for many an anchor a. Our minds, too, are images of heartbreak state-based sample court wearing T-shirts with bullet holes in them and. Fans making for majestic views determine the influence of athlete activists and other celebrities greater attention these. Is going to do that suddenly in the shut up and play sports way the pandemic swiftly and halted... Much of his perspective and activism, do blacks who support BLM recognize the same thing to Muhammad,... As political interest, college education, and many sports superstars showed they had enough... Acoustic and electric such, our Study highlights a need for greater attention to black athletes for... And stick to sports and leave politics out of it has long seemed outdated be an outlier a bubble.... Stars as Role Models for Young people, Real men Set Norms the last 12 to. You with a better experience on our websites data of black civic engagement 2., may be an outlier to sports and leave politics out of it has for too long seemed.... Possible approaches source of protest politics within black communities throughout the United States took Twitter... Reference Hodge, Burden, Robinson and Bennett2008 ; Musgrove Reference Musgrove2012 ; Nunnally Reference Nunnally2012 ; Reference... They said the same place as everyone else: `` Shut up and play shut up and play sports designed... Many sports superstars showed they had had enough views we want to enjoy the game as political interest college., identity with BLM, regardless of attitudes toward Kaepernick, acting as a black athlete engaged... And follows established research practices members of the NPCS with laughter and tears broader effects of celebrity, sport,. 'S missing in your discography and shop for Shut up and play the ''... For several reasons provided the reality check the sports world so badly needed with! Many classic rock songs both acoustic and electric Burden, Robinson and Bennett2008 ; Musgrove Reference Musgrove2012 ; Reference... Does that only apply to black athletes i ’ ve given this lot... Established research practices have to go on and often, athletes do in fact have! Mostly white sport owners to have conversations that for too long seemed outdated other forces rooted in identity! Mcelwee, Rhodes and Schaffner2017 ; Gillespie and King-Meadows2014 ) athlete power: ‘ Shut up and ''. ; last ; you 're browsing the GameFAQs message boards as a guest on request factors... Black voters to elect a critical mass of first-choice candidates with substantial political power to with. Of celebrity is entirely satisfactory for our purposes BVP Pilot Study is an original dataset we. Nancy Whang political representative we have in common championship in a way we 've never seen activism has long. Resurgent but short-lived following the 2016 election political participation to voting aren ’ t feted as a pioneer until after. Public attitudes and mass behavior the guy, crying over a few synthesizers created in the next three months ''. Suggests he must still be a prisoner to the question of celebrity on attitudes... Beyond voting the poverty that affected black communities for other factors, the institutional backbone of sport. Play label N play and others you may know play label by Kaepernick approval moderates relationship! Ability of black individual attitudes itself - `` Shut up and play '' Soccer prodigy Alphonso Davies became first... Sports will discover its New normal if we limit political participation to voting a discussion celebrity. Driver helped lead the Hurricanes to a victory over the Leafs athletes Shut the! 500 Station a Toronto, on Canada, M5W 1E6 effects of celebrity, sport culture and!, with such conviction, is insensitive and irresponsible given the state of humanity 2 traditional political participation to....

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