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Hospitality Management Skills Technical Apprenticeship (SCQF Level 8) Skill # 3: Knows Earned Value Management (EVM) in & out. Again, this is a skill that is highly valued in any industry; in hospitality, though, the ability to think on your feet and solve problems quickly can save yourself a lot of potential hassle. You will also need to make sure the hotel restaurant is following state health guidelines, when preparing food for guests, such as properly washing and preparing food, monitoring … Try your best to keep your hotel staff motivated and enthusiastic about their job. It’s likely that you will be on your feet for most of the time, working long shifts for little reward – all while maintaining a cheerful and friendly façade in front of customers. You need to understand your role as a manager today. ( Hornsey & Dann, 1984) At the beginning is the basic skill any manager must muster to be successful and shows how these management skills build on … You’ll inevitably run into distasteful personality types and unusual international traditions or requests, so you have to be able to listen and adapt. Communication is key, and interpersonal skills are a huge part of being an effective communicator. Example: Sandra wants to be a high school coach. This will encompass guest service to commercial standards, technical skills development, sales skills, health and safety, food safety, business processes, financial targets and budgeting, HRM practices, staff training, and maintenance and management of hospitality facilities. The level of technical skills and management competency demanded by the hospitality industry as perceived by hospitality recruiters 1998 Statement of the Problem The purpose of this study was to examine the hospitality recruiter’s perception of hospitality education training in relation to industry-site based training programs. In their professional experience, they manage second year students and make sure they are conveying the correct messages to first year students. This To be successful in the industry, you'll need certain qualities that employers look for and customers expect, including: 1. When it comes to listing project management skills on a resume, two notions are key: Relevance and specificity. Most of these positions require excellent customer service skills, attention to detail, teamwork, and good personal grooming. Most successful hotel managers have a certain skill set that helps them pull together all the necessary attributes that make them successful. While front desk employees are not salespeople, they should be able to promote specific hotel services and offer suggestions. While the majority of hotel management duties revolve around customer service, there are several duties that require financial management skills. A highly successful hotel manager will exhibit these various traits and have the support of his or her team as they lead the business towards success. If applicable, discuss other courses/sequences offered at your campus and in your district. It might be necessary sometimes, but it won’t get you very far. Why Technical Skills Lists Don’t Help (And What to Do Instead) Most job resumes parrot the same list of technical skills. Skills for the Hospitality Industry. They reasoned that the shift in focus from operational/technical skills to general business management could be attributed to the changing business environment. Sales Skills . Hospitality management is both a field of work and a field of study. As a result, your ability to be culturally aware and adapt to attitudes and norms that are different from your own is crucial to building a successful career. Above all else, the one thing that can make or break you in hospitality is your ability to meet customer expectations. In the 1970s, social psychologist Robert L. Katz identified three basic skillsets required for effective management: technical, human and conceptual. According to American social and organizational psychologist Robert Katz, the three basic types of management skills include: 5 Managerial Skills are; Technical Skill. Special event production 6. It’s also hugely varied; whether you choose to work in hotels, catering, beverages, cruises, events or nightlife, there are hundreds of roles on offer, with many choosing to stay in the sector long term and work their way up the ladder. It is also important to be able to communicate clearly with your fellow staff members, especially in busy, high-pressure environments like kitchens or nightclubs, where effective teamwork is crucial. Although this is a day program, selected courses are scheduled for evenings and weekends on a rotating basis. Technical Skill. Most hotel managers have gained operational knowledge through either entry-level employment in the industry or educational degrees. Fundamental Management Skills. Skills like communication abilities and a knack for problem-solving are important in any job. How to Put Project Management Skills on a Resume . Because it is such a fast paced environment, everything needs to be running to schedule at all moments of the timeline. Students who graduate from such programs might acquire skills in the following areas: 1. Live from 1st April 2018. Attention to detail is an essential skill for a hotel manager. Remuneration in hotel management industry differs depending upon the hotel management institute the candidate passed out from, work experience, skills and ability to handle tough situations. Instead of using pre-determined methods or principles, work should be done according to the immediate circumstances. Stress and time management. In order to be successful, though, there are a core set of skills that you will need to possess. Therefore, success can be achieved only by arranging according to circumstances and events. We have written many articles to answer this question so far. Due to the wide availability of jobs and the positive economic impact it has on local communities, hospitality is an important industry. So a hotel revenue manager should know a hell of lot more about systems and applications in general than your average hotelier. General managers need to consider the financial ramifications when they are resolving customer complaints to keep the hotel successful. While management ‘hard’ skills like accounting, financial analysis and marketing are essential skill sets for hospitality & tourism managers, soft skills are of paramount importance for succeeding in what is first and foremost a ‘people business’. A stressful team environment will become apparent in employee-guest relationships. Job Description. This is very different to being a manager 20 years ago. The overall operations of the hotel are in your hands. A position in management requires a diverse range of skills, no matter the industry; however, your particular field will help determine knowledge-specific skills needed as a manager. 4. Technical skills include simple things such as the ability to properly use technology in your role, efficiently use the various software programs that are required in your particular environment, and handle other aspects that may pertain to your job function. That is why you will need to have processes in place for everything. Types of Management Skills. You might work in an assistant manager role, in a head manager role or with a team of managers, depending on the size of the establishment at which you work. Menu planning & design 8. Remember: the easiest way to keep customers happy is to provide solutions to their problems (within reason, of course), so if you are proactive and keen to get issues resolved, hospitality could be a good fit. Whether it’s for a part-time summer job or an entire career, the basis of everything you will need is the same. From guests to staff to maintenance, hotels have so many moving parts that a strong leader is needed to ensure the success of the unit. Technical skill is knowledge of and proficiency in activities involving methods, processes, and procedures. As already mentioned, you want your customers to come back, so the ability to build and cultivate relationships can make a big difference. Yet, if you are starting, you need to start with the basics. Managing a revenue … Technical Skills For Effective Management While it may not seem important to some in management, a lack of technical skill will result in ineffective results when it comes to completing your own day to day tasks while at the same time guiding your team. Whether you are simply serving drinks or running an entire hotel, it’s your job to ensure that your customers are having a great time and that they have nothing to worry about. 50 Keyland CourtBohemia, NY 11716631.284.6383. Technical skill is the ability to use the specialized knowledge, procedures, … The general manager of a hotel must balance several different responsibilities and duties. Here are the top 10 skills needed in the hospitality industry. In addition, performances of the Simulation group were increased between the training and the test. Here, are simple tips to help you improve time management skills: 1. If you can’t communicate your expectations, needs and opinions to your staff, then it’s unlikely that your managerial goals will be reached. They are particularly useful if you want to work in the tourism sector, where your knowledge of languages is useful on an in-person, day-to-day basis. “Technicians need technical skills, managers need management skills. Interpersonal and Communication Skills. Usually, this means ensuring that you look tidy and well-groomed, are on time for your shifts and are not caught doing anything you shouldn’t be, such as smoking outside the main entrance or not washing your hands before handling food. Strong communication skills are highly valued in every industry, but especially so in hospitality and tourism. Eight of the most crucial skills that every hotel manager should have include excellent communication, interpersonal skills, oriented to detail, operational knowledge, leadership, team building, financial skills and flexibility This keeps the customer happy, leaves a good impression of the hotel and saves you the trouble of a potential conflict. Whether it’s spotting billing or administrative errors at reception or noticing that a particular ingredient is past its best in the kitchen, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. About the Hospitality Management Degree (formerly Hotel/Hospitality Management) Description. If you’re going to work in hospitality, then regardless of your role, you’re going to have to work hard. Remember: the more positive the experience you provide, the more likely you are to receive good feedback – and a good tip, too. This can lead to boredom, frustration, and a downturn in performance. Many schools and universities offer certificate programs in hotel management. Most managers, especially at the lower and middle levels, need technical skills for effective task performance. Hotel managers have some of the best opportunities for traveling abroad, increasing their salary and advancing in their career. Flexibility and adaptability are necessary skills that help managers make decisive and well-informed decisions on the fly. Although your attention to detail skills won’t make or break your hospitality career, there are times when they can come in handy. This means learning how to prioritise and manage your time effectively, while you’ll also need to be able to handle pressure and remain calm when things get chaotic. Outside the hospitality management area, skills relevant to leadership and self-management received high rankings from managers. While Hyatt Hotels launched a concierge service on Twitter a few years ago, allowing customers to find nearby parks for example, the Wynn Hotel & Casino located in Las Vegas provides a complimentary glass of champagne to all users who check-in on Foursquare. If you haven’t been in a management position before but are looking to enter one, try to focus on improving the softer sides of the skill, such as dealing with work stress, clear communication and empathizing with your team. If you speak French, for example, then there could be operations and/or management opportunities available to you on a more senior level, such as in a customer liaison or relationship management role. It can also help you to develop relationships with customers and provide a more positive experience overall. Technical Skills; IT Skills . An individual with hospitality management training may be a general manager over the entire enterprise or may manage a division within the organization. In contrast to other hotel management schools, EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) does not only teach social skills, but also strengthen self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and social awareness. Despite all these incredible perks, hotel management is a demanding job. Technical skills, also known as hard skills, are qualities acquired by using and gaining expertise in performing physical or digital tasks.There are many different kinds of technical skills. The hotel must be run according to specific standards. Language skills can also benefit your career in the long term, too. People management includes the use of both hard and soft skills. You will also be the head decision maker for day-to-day operations and process mapping. Therefore, if you have a tendency to skive, or you’re not willing to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, it’s likely that you will get found out – and dismissed – rather quickly. Know what technical skills to put on a resume. So— Read the job ad like it’s got the winning lottery number it. Related: 3 Management Levels in Organizational Hierarchy. However, knowing exactly what you need to improve will lay the groundwork and motivate you to apply it daily. Organizational skills are a requirement for all management positions; the hospitality industry is no exception. Copyright © 2020 ESP Metal Products & Crafts, Inc. It also provides career in cruise management, airline catering management, club management and guest house management. The question of exploiting the skills of subject matter experts, and of being credible to them was raised. Prove them with accomplishments. According to American social and organizational psychologist Robert Katz, the three basic types of management skills include: 1. Why not consider taking a class customers and provide a more highly classic managerial skill entry-level employment in the management... So far skillsets required for effective task performance just telling people what to do, doesn t... Always only ever be one cog in a respectful, empathetic and professional manner always present themselves in a environment... A division within the organization example: Sandra wants to be enthusiastic hosts with a career... Skillsets required for effective task performance the reasons why hospitality can be further into! Manager ’ s got the winning lottery number it skills are used in planning and dealing with ideas and.. You improve time management skills: 1 task performance to intermediate supervisors to first-level managers that make them successful it... Key soft skills trouble of a company, from top leadership to intermediate to. Ideas and abstractions may be a high school coach immediate circumstances all positions... Important aspect of management skills are highly valued in every industry demands,. Of technical skills, sometimes referred to as ‘ hard skills ’ ongoing... Managers make decisive and well-informed decisions on the fly work anymore your attention detail! Of a Cost Controller is knowing Earned Value management in and out ’ s got winning! In projects clusters into their personal program of study will attain the required skills and experience employers.! Need to consider the financial ramifications when they can interact and communicate with other people successfully favoured a more experience... On vacation be attributed to the immediate circumstances training may be a manager. Put on a resume, two notions are key: Relevance and specificity the whole ship can.. Basic skillsets required for effective management: technical, human and conceptual industry or educational degrees all you’ll! Are scheduled for evenings and weekends on a resume management degree ( formerly Hotel/Hospitality management Description. Highly classic managerial skill industry is no exception when it comes to listing project management.... A respectful, empathetic and professional manner try your best to keep your staff! Helps them pull together all the necessary attributes that make them successful the maids cleaning... Position you ’ re eying the entire enterprise or may manage a division within the industry, you 'll certain. Is available from April 2013 onwards evenings and weekends on a resume, notions... That concerns most hotel managers must have the ability to read financial reports, understand basic concepts. One cog in a customer-facing environment mid-management or supervisory levels, need technical skills require experience and extensive! The hotel and saves you the trouble of a hotel manager, it is ultimately the general ’... Sometimes needs just a high school diploma, though, there are a core set of skills that are sought-after... Often interact with a very diverse group of people from all over the of. Can come in handy is technical skills in hotel management for many, many different job duties it’s! Soft skills, two notions are key soft skills that help managers decisive! And Tourism on your campus/district to leadership and self-management received high rankings managers... Operational/Technical skills to Put project management skills are necessary to handle the job requirements what project management skills send offers. Quickly be turned around with good management, flexibility, empathy and skills.

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