Valley View Men’s Golf League             Rules and By-Laws          2021 Season



  1.   League Definition


  •  All Players must be at least 21 years of age
  • League members should consist of Valley View residents, past Valley View residents or VVMGL member family, friends, and/or associates.
  • All VVMGL players from the previous season must be considered for the upcoming season first before any new players are added to the league.  If all attempts to contact a past player have failed with no response prior to League Draft Day, then the new player will be added to the full-time player list.
  • Draft Priority for new members goes to residents of the Valley at the time entering the League.
  • The League shall consist of 8 Teams which will play a regular schedule of 9-hole matches.
  • League play should commence the first Thursday in May and continue on Thursdays weekly until the Thursday preceding Labor Day.
  • The League season schedule will be divided into two halves with each team scheduled to play all other teams the 1st 7 weeks in each half. The 8th week is position night which all the teams will be matched up 1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, 5th vs 6th, 7th vs 8th to determine each half final results. The team with the highest point total at the end of each half will be declared those Half Champions and will compete for the League Championship on Jamboree Day.
  • Point totals for each team start anew at the beginning of the second half.
  • In the event the same team wins both halves, that team is declared League Champions and the 2nd place teams from each half will compete in Jamboree Day for 2nd



  1. Governing Body


  1. A. The VVMGL Board should consist of:

League President                      League Secretary/Treasurer                  8 Team Captains


The Board Duties are to:

Control League Play                  Adopt Rules of Play

  • Decisions of the Board are based on the majority vote by a quorum of the Board Members.
  • The decisions of the Board are binding on all VVMGL members.
  • The VVMGL President will not vote as part of a quorum except in case of tie votes.


  1. Elections

The President and Treasurer should be elected from one of the current Captains and preferably someone who has not recently/previously been President or Treasurer.  Election should be conducted by common polling at Jamboree Day event.


  1. President Duties
  • Call / Conduct meetings of the Board as required and/or upon request of Team Captains.
  • Maintain rosters of VVMGL members and sub list members
  • Maintain/update/revise VVMGL By-Laws as needed
  • Present Annual Budget to Board for Approval no later than by May 1st
  • Schedule and publish all matches
  • Score all matches and communicate / publish results in timely manner
  • Maintain relationship with Golf Course Management
  • Coordinate all VVMGL activities/contests /events which include weekly games, Position Night event, etc.
  • Coordinate / facilitate Jamboree Day Championship and Events
  • Record and communicate elected President, Sec/Treasurer and Team Captains for the following year.
  • Transfer all VVMGL records / documents / materials to incoming President no later than January 1st.
  • Inform Golf Course management of incoming President and Treasurer with contact information ASAP following Jamboree Day.


  1. Secretary / Treasurer Duties
  • Record / maintain notes/minutes from VVMGL Board meetings
  • Create / prepare annual VVMGL Budget for President / Board approval
  • Publish year end Treasurer statement and financial accounting to President/Board
  • Provide Financial statements / P/L statements to President and Board as needed
  • Maintain ongoing financial records of income and expense and reconcile all accounts.
  • Collect all VVMGL member dues and greens fees
  • Make all VVMGL payments. Maintain bank account and bank relationships.


  1. Captains Duties
  • Draft Team members and communicate Team roster to all Team members.
  • Communicate VVMGL dues/green fees as established by Board at pre-season Captains meeting.
  • Establish season long schedule of players and communicate to President no later than April 14th.
  • If possible, conduct pre-season team meeting to outline VVMGL rules/ procedures.
  • Collect upfront all Team member’s season fees and deliver to Treasurer no later than April 26th.
  • No player may compete for Team Points until his fees are paid, if they play, results will be a forfeit
  • Maintain schedule changes/substitutions on VVMGL website as season progresses. Maintain control of Team conduct and Team substitutions throughout season and communicate substitutions ASAP to President
  • Notify President of any Team member with excessive scheduling issues / forfeits.
  • Captains are strongly encouraged to have their Team sponsor and provide at least one prize for flight gifts or Individual-hole contests for Jamboree Day.


III.   Team Makeup / Schedules / Conduct

  • Each Team should consist of at least 8 men
  • Team members must pay all fees for the season BEFORE the season starts.
  • Team Captain should make every effort to collect Team fees as a whole for submission.
  • No player may compete for Team Points until his fees are paid, if they do, that match WILL BE A FORFEIT. Captain can sub someone to avoid forfeit as long as it is done before the Wednesday night cut-off time of 6 pm.
  • Each Team member is responsible for adhering to their scheduled Play Dates.
  • In the event a player finds he must change his Play Date, he should work through his fellow teammates and Captain to arrange for a fellow team member to fill the scheduled slot first.
  • In the event a player can’t find a team member to sub/switch, the player should work through the VVMGL Sub List and notify Captain immediately of the substitution.  Player/Captain should immediately inform the President and update the team schedule on the VVMGL website. Any weekly schedule changes or substitute changes MUST be made to the Website prior to 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit for the substituted player.  Under dire circumstances, and only at the discretion of the President, if a scheduled Player has exhausted all resources from his own team and the Sub List and cannot find a substitute, a member of a different team may be pressed into duty as a Sub. This rare instance must be approved by the President and the opposing Team Captain.
  • Individual Players are responsible for collecting greens fees from any substitute.
  • VVMGL is not responsible for collecting greens fees from any substitute.
  • Individual Players experiencing multiple forfeits and/or inappropriate conduct/sportsmanship may be subject to Team/League ejection. A Player cannot be dropped from a Team unless officially notified by the Team Captain with notification to the President. At the discretion of the President, the Player may be placed on the Sub List.
  • If any Player forfeits twice, he risks being removed from his team and placed on the Sub List. The Team Captain will draft a player from the Sub List to replace him. The removed Player is not entitled to a refund of VVMGL dues. If the Player feels the removal is unjustified, he may file a Protest to the League President as described in Section VIII.


  1. Tee-Off Times/ Procedures
  • The Golf Course is reserved for VVMGL starting the 1st Thursday in May until the Thursday before Labor Day.
  • Prior to play, the President will post the scheduled matches and current handicaps of Players scheduled for that evening. The Golf Course will also post the scheduled matches at the Starters house.
  • Players from a minimum of two teams must be represented in each playing group.
  • VVMGL tee times and any special tee time procedures will be published to VVMGL members prior to the start of each season.
  • Inclement Weather: The decision to begin or to halt play due to inclement weather will be the responsibility of Golf course management.
  • Scheduled Players should contact the Golf Course to learn status of play.
  • If play has begun and 60% of the scheduled matches are able to play at least 6 holes or more, yet unable to finish the round, 2 points will be awarded for each of the 6 holes played and the match will not count for handicap purposes. (see more under Scoring section)


 VI   Matches and Handicaps

  • Matches will be established by the President / Website that will match the lowest handicap players on the two Teams as opponents, followed by the next two lowest and so on, until all 5 players on each Team are matched up. IF A TEAM HAS MULTIPLE PEOPLE WITH THE SAME HANDICAP, THEY WILL BE MATCHED UP AGAINST THE TEAM THEY ARE PLAYING IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER BY LAST NAME.
  • The nine match points will be determined by handicap.
  • Handicaps will be based on 100% of the average score from par variance. Golfers will begin with last year’s handicap.
  • The maximum handicap difference per hole between players will be 2 strokes per hole.
  • Handicaps will be adjusted after each week's matches.
  • Players over 65 years old may elect to play from the Senior Tees. The decision to play up must be made on the Players first match of the year. If the Player elects to play from the forward position, they must play that forward position on all matches throughout the season


VII.   Scoring

  • All playing groups must designate a scorekeeper.
  • All scorecards MUST include first initial and last name of players.
  • All scores, including scorekeeper must be announced to the scorekeeper after each hole. All scores must be announced after the match.
  • The highest score to be recorded is a 10. When a player reaches 10 shots, he must pick up his ball and his score will be recorded as a 10 with a circle around it. Player will also be listed as 3 putts. A player who picks up cannot win the hole, but can tie it.
  • ALL scorecards must be turned into Scorer’s table or at Golf Course Pro Shop desk after play is completed. Failure to turn in scorecard could result in Forfeits for all Players on a missing scorecard. This is now changed as we are using the Golf Genius app, so all scores automatically get uploaded, but please use a card or the scorecard on your carts as a backup.
  • 12 points per match will be awarded: 9 points on the holes via Match play and 3 Medal Points. Match play will consist of 1 point per hole and Medal Play will consist of 3 points per round. Both will be figured on a net handicap basis. In case of a tie on a hole, each player will receive ½ Match point. In case of a Medal tie, 1 ½ Medal Play points shall be awarded each player. Note: Medal Points are awarded to the golfer with the lower final net score, which is their score minus the player’s handicaps, not by how many holes they won versus their opponent.
  • Inclement weather scoring: If play has begun and 60% of the scheduled matches 12 matches are able to play at least 6 holes or more, yet unable to finish the round 2 points will be awarded for each of the 6 holes played and the match will not count for handicap purposes.
  • Individual Forfeit: opponent receives 9 points, scored as 9 – 0, updated 2021.
  • Personal / Medical forfeit: if a player is unable to begin or complete at least 6 holes due to a medical / personal emergency, the Match Points will be split 4.5 to 4.5 and the absent Player will lose the 3 Medal Play points, resulting in 7.5 – 4.5 score.  This will not penalize the absent players Team with an Individual Forfeit of 9 – 0.
  • Physical Handicap Forfeit: in the case of extremely wet conditions; the Golf Course will make every effort to provide handicap carts for ONLY those Players who consistently rent riding carts due to physical limitations. In the event that handicap carts are not allowed, the Cart player who cannot physically play will split the competition at 6 pts each resulting in a final score of 6 to 6. Team Captains must notify the President before the season begins of any Team members requiring carts. The President will judge if said cart request is appropriate.
  • Team Forfeit: Opponent Team receives 40 points, which is scored 40 – 0.


Jamboree Day Scoring

  • Championship Match scoring is scored as the entire 18 holes.
  • Teams playing for the VVMGL championship are to play ALL Team members. If there is a difference in the number of players participating for each Team, the Team with the higher number of players will pick a player(s) on the opposing team to play in a double match. The double match Players will be paired against their original match and the player with the next lower available handicap. This must be done the week before Jamboree Day so both teams/players know what is happening with their matches.
  • Members of the VVMGL Sub List must pay an additional fee of $20 for participating in Jamboree Day in order to win any prizes on the course. The reason for this is because they didn’t pay the weekly funds for these prizes. If they just want to golf and not compete for the prizes, no additional fee will be needed. If enough subs play, we will charge all of them $20 and put them in a Sub Flight where they can compete for the hole prizes and win money for the Sub Flight.


VIII.     Protests

  • Protests must be in writing and filed by the Team Captain or Player within 24 hours of the dispute and must be accompanied by $ 20.00 PROTEST FEE.
  • The President will call a meeting of the VVMGL Board to rule on the dispute.
  • If the Protest is denied, the $ 20.00 will be deposited into the Treasury. If the Protest is affirmed, the $ 20.00 will be refunded to the player making the protest.



  1. Playing Rules (revised April 2019 due to USGA rule revisions)


USGA RULES APPLY - - except for any Local Course Rules and the Listed Exceptions Below.


VVMGL local rules (**) are often designed to enhance pace of play.


 All foursomes must be represented by at least 2 teams.


“Roll” Rule - - a ball lying in a divot in the fairway of the hole being played may be moved, with the club end only, up to six inches, but not nearer to the hole.

This is allowed ONLY in the fairway of the hole being played.                    Penalty = None


  • Unplayable Lies


Natural Hazard: Ball may be dropped at the closest point of relief where the player has an unobstructed stance and swing but not nearer to the hole.

Must have consent of all other players.                                                                      Penalty = One Stroke


Ground under repair: standing water, extremely soggy area, etc.

Ball may be dropped at the closest point of relief where the player has an unobstructed stance and swing, but not nearer to the hole.

Must have consent of other players.                                                                          Penalty = None


  • Out of Bounds (**) Play ball from the spot where it went out of bounds at the closest point of relief, not nearer to the hole, where the player has an unobstructed stance and swing.


Must have consent of all other players.                                                                Penalty = One Stroke


Example = if ball is hit out of bounds from the tee, the player will be shooting three from the point the ball went out of bounds or the other option is to re-tee and still be shooting three.


  • Ball in Sand Trap:

Sand must not be touched by club head in any practice swings and/or in process of the start of your actual swing.

Penalty = Two Strokes


Ball in a footprint or in poorly groomed trap may be lifted and placed within the sand trap, not nearer to the hole.  Loose impediments, sticks, stones, etc.., obstructing stance or swing may be removed.  Must have consent of other players.                                                     Penalty = None


  • Ball in Water Hazard (** red stake penalty area)

Drop ball at the nearest point where the ball entered the plane of water at the closest point of relief, not nearer to the hole, where the player has an unobstructed stance and swing. Ball may be placed in fairway; but not nearer to the hole.

Must have consent of other players.                                                    Penalty = One Stroke


Ball in Red and/or Yellow Penalty Areas

Ball may be played as it lies from the penalty area without penalty.

Club head may be grounded and practice swings are allowed.                      Penalty = None

If a ball in a Red / Yellow Penalty area is deemed unplayable, a ball may be dropped at nearest point of relief from where ball entered the Penalty Area, not nearer to the hole.                                                        Penalty = One Stroke


Ball along the fence:  if the ball is still in bounds, the ball may be moved two club lengths, but not nearer to the hole.                                                                           Penalty = None


Lost Ball Search: Time limit to search for lost ball is 3 minutes.


Flagstick on Green: For pace of play, players are encouraged to leave the flagstick in the hole while putting.


Changing Balls: It is permissible to change balls on the green, but ONLY on the green.




  • All additional playing rules on back of scorecard apply or any permanent or temporary local rules established by the Golf Course.


  • To speed up play, the first player to putt should continue to putt out unless doing so would disturb another Player's line.


  • All balls on green must be holed out. There should be NO liberal “gimmes”.

Under any circumstance, if a player hits or kicks his ball away from cup without holing out, the penalty is One Stoke plus Loss of Hole.



Have Fun


Keep Pace with group ahead of you


Respect other Players and the Course


  • Since 1963, The VVMGL represents the example others play by