VVMGL  2019 Season Information

 2019 VVMGL roster currently stands at  69  players

We will field 8 teams;  8 players on 3 Teams; 9 players on 5 Teams..

League Dues are $ 50.00 per VVMGL member

The $ 50.00 is used almost wholly to defray member expense for Jamboree Day

Greens Fees are $ 23.00  for walking.

Approx. $ 3.00 each week goes to fund TWO fun  weekly Hole Game Prizes and

First Half Position Night Event at Reserve 22.


League Play Dates for 2017

First Half                                                          Second Half

May 2             WK 1                                          July 11            Wk 1

May 9              Wk 2                                        July 18            Wk 2                Jamboree Day

May 16            Wk 3                                        July 25            Wk 3                Saturday  9/7

May 23            Wk  4                                       Aug 1               Wk 4

May 30            Wk 5                                        Aug  8              Wk 5

June  6            Wk 6                                        Aug  15            Wk 6

June 13           Wk 7                                        Aug 22             Wk 7

June 20           Wk 8                                        Aug 29             Wk 8

( Position Night / Event  )                                  ( Position Night )

June 27           Rain Date ( if needed )               Sept 5             Rain Date ( if needed )



Due to 7/4  Independence Day Holiday falling on Thursday ; VVMGL will not schedule as a play date.

If the 6/27 Rain Date is not needed to cover a First Half Rain Out ; 6/27 may be treated

as the First Official Match of the Second Half.  ( due to VVMGL not playing Thursday 7/4 )

Repeating for 2019 - - GE Links will provide 12 tee times starting at 3:50 and 3:59

for President / Treasurer reserved tee times ;continuing until 5:24 pm.

Tee times :

3:50 *                          4:41                           New for 2019 4:07 thru 5:24 tee times can be  

3:59  *                         4:50                           reserved  ON LINE through the Village Links   

4:07                            4:58                            Website link the Monday prior  @   7:00 am        

4:16                            5: 07

4:24                            5: 15

4:33                            5:24


The additional tee times were added in 2017 to accomplish :

1) More tee times to accommodate “ unscheduled players “ who appreciate being able

to show up and play on any given League date.

2) Earlier tee times to get more players off earlier


Unscheduled Players should refrain from scheduling the earlier tee times to allow

 scheduled players first priority


Unscheduled Players MUST pay the Pro Shop $ 23.00 green fee and any cart fee

 and present paid receipt to Starter prior to tee off.



Team Scheduling 

Each VVMGL team will field FIVE players each week.

Captains will solicit Team Members availability for the entire season using VVMGL

schedule spread sheet. ( attached )

Rain Dates are indeed scheduled as a regular play date ; and should be included

in any Team members play date fees. If Rain Date is not needed credit / refunds

are issued to scheduled players at end of the season.

Captains need to have Season – long schedule completed on VVMGL schedule

spread sheet and submitted to President / Treasurer no later than  Wednesday APRIL 24th .



Player Fees Collection

Captains are responsible for including on VVMGL schedule spread sheet and

communicating to Team Members the amount each Team member owes.

Player fees for the entire season are due upfront; prior to League play.


( Example = Player Joe is scheduled 10 dates x $ 23.00 = $ 230.00

Plus $ 50.00 Dues   = $ 280.00  )


Captains should collect Fees / Dues from each Team Member and submit to Treasurer

 all together if at all possible.


VVMGL fees are due to Treasurer no later than Monday April 29th

By VVMGL Bi-Laws ; Team members who have not paid their Fees prior to the

 May 2  VVMGL start date may risk not competing for points ( competition ).



Other : 


Captains should make every effort to have all Team Members register and utilize

the VVMGL website. Team Members should register profile information ;

especially email address and best phone contact.


         VVMGL Sub List is quite robust at over 20 Subs ; including six 2018 VVMGL regulars.


Captains are encouraged to review and become familiar with the VVMGL By Laws ;

especially sections covering Forfeits ; Inclement Weather; and Playing Rules.


VVMGL playing rules are being reviewed / revised to ensure we capture any major 2019

USGA rule changes. (  with help from Noel Allen ) Will update on Website ASAP.


Complimentary 9 hole Village Links VIP Cards will be available starting Monday April 1st

for 2019 VVMGL regular members ( not Subs ) should members want to utilize

Village Link golf amenities prior to May 2nd VVMGL kickoff date.

VVMGLers can upgrade their 9 hole card to 18 hole card for $ 20 upgrade charge,

payable to the Links.